Down by the Sea: Scenic Seasside Slideshow from

Scenic seaside shots by Brian Cleary - Images by Brian Cleary

As a Florida-based photographer, over the years I’ve adopted the seashore as a “go-to” spot for winning photographs. The ocean has it all when it comes to pleasing visual stimuli. Beautiful sunrises, breathtaking sunsets, crashing waves, plenty of people engaging in all sorts of recreational endeavors, birds, animals, nature in action . . .

Whenever I a hurricane or tropical storm passes close-by in the Atlantic, it’s off to the beach with my cameras for me. Wake up early and can’t sleep? grab a camera and head to the beach for sunrise. Feeling blocked creatively? Just point and shoot near the ocean and chances are you’ll come up with a nicer selection of pictures.

This slideshow represents many of my happy trips to the beach with a camera.

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