Scenic Shots from the 2011 Grand-Am Rolex Series Slideshow

2011 Grand-Am Rolex Series Scenics - Images by Brian Cleary

One of the great things about covering the Grand-Am Rolex Sportscar Series as its official photographer since 2001, is the opportunity to visit many of the great road racing venues across the US.

In contrast to the stadium-like oval race tracks the host many NASCAR and Indy Car events, and are surrounded by towering concrete grandstands, fences and walls, the road racing track are often located in lush countryside and feature trees and other scenic backgrounds that make for great photography.

I was raised on oval racing and will always be a fan, but over the past 11 seasons, I’ve grown to love the variety and unique driving skills that make sportscar racing the spectacle that it is.

This slideshow represents some of my favorite venue-related photos from the 2011 Grand-Am Rolex Sportscar season.

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