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Lunar Eclipse, December 2010 Slideshow

Lunar Eclipse, December 2010 - Images by Brian Cleary

It was just under a year ago that I set up camp in my backyard with a digital SLR, a tripod, my 500 mm lens and an electronic intervalometer cable release.

My goal was to record the lunar eclipse of the full moon on the winter solstice over the night of December 19- 20, 2010. One other detail: it was very cold!

For an hour and a half I sat shivering under the night sky as the moon went from bright white to blood red and back to white just as it began to dip behind the trees on my horizon. If I recall correctly, I had the camera set up to fire a photo every minute over the duration of the eclipse. Since, obviously, the moon appears to travel through the night sky as the earth rotates, my job as I baby sat my set-up, was to re-frame the shot after each exposure.
You can view a time-lapse video I produced from my efforts here.

I will not be in a location that allows me to record tonight’s lunar eclipse, but if I was, I think that I would make another effort at photographing it.

These events are rare enough that any shots you get would be a welcome addition to your portfolio.

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