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Quirky Photo Slideshow

Quirky Photos for your Wall on bcpix.com - Images by Brian Cleary

I’ve always been a fan of photos hanging on the walls at restaurants, hotels, etc, that evoke some sort of emotional, humorous, amused feeling from the viewer. Think of the pictures hanging on the walls at Red Robin or Cracker Barrell restaurants.

With that in mind I like to occasionally review my files and see if I can find anything similar that I may have produced. When I find something, I add them to my
“quirky photo” gallery at bcpix.com.

“Found art”, unique photo techniques, vintage photos and unusual moments have all made their way into this collection.

Roll your cursor over any image to get caption info, click on an image for print and download availability and pricing, or simply sit back and enjoy the slideshow!

Slideshows.bcpix.com is the Slideshow blog of Florida-based freelance photographer Brian Cleary and features selected collections of images from his online photo archive which contains more than 30 years of photography, both editorial stock and royalty-free stock photography and is housed at www.bcpix.com.