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Legends of NASCAR Slideshow

Legends of NASCAR - Images by Brian Cleary

As a race fan who grew up in the Daytona Beach, Florida, I kind of had the best of all worlds. My father introduced me to auto racing at an early age and not too long after that he bought me my first camera. When I returned to Daytona in the early 1980’s to pursue my degree in photography at Daytona Beach Community College ( now Daytona State College 8SEJ3FCUXG78 ), it was natural that before long I’d be pointing my cameras at race cars and race car drivers.

One thing led to another and before I knew it I was a credentialed stringer for the Associated Press at one of the biggest auto races in the world, the Daytona 500. At first I was too intimidated and awestruck to snap pictures of the heroes of my youth, Petty, Pearson, Allison, etc, but I eventually got over it .

Looking back it is amazing that I had the opportunity to photograph NASCAR throughout the 1980’s and although I’ve made a career in photography, largely photographing motorsports, I still look at my my collection of 1980’s NASCAR photography as among my favorites.

This slideshow represents many of my favorite photos of NASCAR’s legends as they appeared in the sport’s past. All are available as editorial stock photography and many are available as personal use prints through my site at bcpix.com.

Roll your cursor over any image to get caption info, click on an image for print and download availability and pricing, or simply sit back and enjoy the slideshow!

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